Teacher Appreciation

The LOOP organization provided great meals, munchies, salads and sweet treats all week for the teachers and staff. There were drawings everyday for wonderful gifts and prizes provided my many of the LGS families. A wonderful surprise were the decorating of the classroom doors.

     DSC_0249.JPG       DSC_0250.JPG

    DSC_0238.JPG           DSC_0237.JPG

             KINDERGARTEN MRS. DIKE                                 1ST GRADE MRS. JACOBSON

   DSC_0239.JPG                        DSC_0242.JPG

          2ND GRADE MRS. REHBERG                                                   3RD GRADE MRS. DOORN

DSC_0240.JPG       DSC_0248.JPG

   4TH GRADE MRS. MYRE                                         5TH GRADE MRS. DEGRAAF

DSC_0246.JPG   DSC_0209.JPG  DSC_0247.JPG

6TH GRADE MRS. SCOTT                             TH GRADE MISS ZIELSKE                          8TH GRADE MRS. HEAP

DSC_0251.JPG   DSC_0241.JPG  DSC_0243.JPG

         PE MR. MCKINNEY                          MRS. DARNELL, MRS. FOSEN                       CUSTODIAN DOOR

                                                                          MRS. PFIZENMAIER